They call it dedication to their art, but Sunday’s blast of the wet stuff did nothing to put off the Heroes of Romford Summer Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing rehearsal.


Under the direction of June Fitzgerald, (above) the large cast squelched its way through the entire performance bringing a new meaning to the word ‘soggy’

The inclement blast brought out the best in designer plastic bags and past sell by date umbrellas usually found discarded in the rubbish bins that litter the park.


The reason for the dedication to the ‘Show Must Go On’ was the full production of the seven performances, begins this coming Thursday, June 16, and the final batch of rehearsals need to be acted out to hone the entrances and exits.

Much Ado is reportedly one of the Bard’s funniest plays and much enjoyed by actors and audiences alike, even if the elements interfere.


Shakespeare in the Park not only celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Bard but brings the company to its own special 54th year of productions the park.

The seven performances are from 8pm on Thursday to Saturday June 16-18 and again from Thursday June June 23 to Saturday June 25 with a matinee on Sunday June 19 which begins at 3pm.

Tickets will be available at the Rockery entrance or on line on, price £10 and £8.


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